Cash App withdrawal issues

Cash App withdrawal issues

Cash App withdrawal issues

Introduced in the year 2013 by Square Inc, Cash app is the platform where a user can send or transfer money online to their friends, relatives or anyone living in the same nation. Cash app allows its users to send and buy bitcoin on the platform.

Bitcoin is the popular currency introduced in 2009 and offers less transaction fees compared to traditional online payment methods. Most people buy and store bitcoin as an investment and keep it in the digital wallet which is stored on their computer or in cloud format. 

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Cash App has merged as the leading money transfer application in a few years. It managed to garner 7 million users by 2018 because of its fast service. To purchase bitcoin, you need to have enough balance in the Cash App balance and you can send bitcoin directly in your Cash App. 

If you wish to withdraw Bitcoin, you need to have minimum 0.001 Bitcoin in your Cash App wallet. The process of transferring bitcoin from Cash App to other external wallets take 30 to 40 minutes. You are allowed to deposit Bitcoin up to $10,000 in seven days period. 

Because of Cash App popularity, it has become convenient for users to start investing in Bitcoin. The best advantage Bitcoin offers is that you can make transaction without any kind of involvement of banks and you can purchase bitcoin from Cash App from an exchange. 

If you want to withdraw bitcoin from your Cash App wallet, you have to provide your photo ID, source of income and your photograph. The other advantage of using Cash app to purchase Bitcoin is that it allows you to purchase bitcoin of $10,000 per week with a debit card. Contact the Cash App support team which is always functional to assist you. 


How to withdraw bitcoin from Cash App account?

  • Launch the app on the device and select the mode ‘Bitcoin’. You must have sufficient bitcoin balance in your Cash App wallet.
  • Now, you have to select the deposit address of the recipient you would like to send the bitcoin.
  • When you visit the Bitcoin balance option, select the withdraw button on Cash App.
  • In case, the recipient to whom you want to send the bitcoin has the deposit address has a QR code on the platform, you have to scan the camera to that code.
  • If you don’t have to find QR code or camera, select the ‘enter manually’ option. Enter the address manually or you can just copy the address. Make sure to check all the details otherwise you might lose the money if you have done it wrongly.
  • Now, at last, confirm your wallet PIN or Touch ID.

What are the limitations of Cash App Bitcoin withdrawal issues?

If you want to do bitcoin withdrawal through Cash App, the transaction should be less than $5000 per transaction. Compared to other apps, Cash App has limitation such as the ability to exchange Bitcoin for alt-coins, numerous payment options and creating automatic payments. To know more, call on Cash App customer service number which is always functional to assist you anytime.